CSA Mail it featuring Robert Burch

Dear Friends, 

Last month mixed media Mail Art happened in a big way.  Robert Burch, glass, metal and graphic artist came to the shop and created a truly unique series for our CSA.  A few years back he gifted me a roll of Player Piano Roll. The perforated holes much like an early computer punch card allowed the player piano to play music without an operator.  The treasured item rested safely on a shelf in the shop until he showed up fresh from the School of Visual Art in NYC to explore some traditional print with a fresh perspective.  A wonderful collaboration ensued and he produced a killer limited edition for our CSA subscribers.  As past featured artist Deborah Jones said, “Love it — especially the on-purpose askew fold and that fascinating translucent paper with those marks on it.  I am reminded once again of how diverse artists are; their vision and execution, their treatment of form and content…. Can’t wait for quarter #3.”

What was old (player piano paper, vintage handset type…) becomes new and then back again. This only happens with your support, encouragement and participation. I am very grateful for these opportunities. 

with love, 
reina and the project shop

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Mail Art CSA Q3 2021 design and message

“What will it take to move out of these challenging and crucial circumstances and feel like we are one world flourishing together? Is it possible? Recently, I came across the words “radical and necessary reimagining” and I was struck by their compelling directive. Reimagining in this way will be essential to our expanding and making a change that affects the fundamental nature of what it means for us individually and for humanity to truly thrive.”

Mail it Q3 2021 Featured Artist Deborah Jones

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MAIL IT Q3 2021 Featured Artist {Deborah Jones}


Deborah Jones is a painter, collage and book artist working in her studio in Basalt, Colorado,Her career in the arts spans over many years beginning with being a founding member of the Graphic Workshop in Boston while receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts at MassArt. With a move to the Roaring Fork Valley Deborah started teaching art at the Aspen Community School in Woody Creek, Colorado and operated a small silk screen studio. In the late 1990’s she became the founding director of the Wyly Community Art Center, now called the Art Base in Basalt, Colorado.  Deborah has been exhibiting her mixed media art works locally and nationally over the past decades. Leaving community work the directing of the art center provided a new opportunity to continue full time pursuits in art making and gardening up on Basalt Mountain.

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Q32020 Special Edition in honor of Angus Graham

This special edition of the Quarterly Club shirt is a celebration of Angus Graham the enduring impact he has had on our creative community. The artwork on this shirt is a collage of elements directly pulled from his writing and ceramic works created during his time with us as a highly involved member of the arts community in the Roaring Fork Valley.  He had a deep love of pottery and the human connection it creates. After his passing in August 2017, the Carbondale Clay Center (with support from his family and friends) created the Angus L. Graham Memorial Fund, which will serve to benefit future developing artists through scholarships, outreach programs, and supplies for educational activities. We encourage you to learn more about the Carbondale Clay Center and the Memorial Fund at carbondaleclay.org 

Design Process for Q2 2020

Words from the artist:

As an artist, participating in the Quarterly Club has opened a new window of possibilities. I had the facility, support and mentorship to learn a new printmaking technique that I would not have otherwise had the resources for. It’s been such a privilege to be a student again and learn a new form of expression. I hope you all subscribe 

Vanessa Porras, Q2 2020 Featured Artist
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Q1 2020 Featured Artist and Design

Marin Griffith

Words from the artist:

I’ve been really grateful for this opportunity to work with The Project Shop. When I was first asked to be the featured artist, there was so much freedom, I was nervous I would get lost. But Reina was helpful, kind and encouraged me in a direction I could be proud of. These designs are how I feel in my own little world right now, and I hope others will also sense the embrace of these figures. Thank you for giving me a platform to share.


Marin Griffith is an 18 year old creator. She has embraced art through many mediums much of her life. Starting early with daily flower drawings in preschool, to designing and publishing her high school literary and arts magazine, and now finding her voice challenging motifs of race and identity as she discovers herself more closely through art. She will be attending The Rhode Island School of Design in the fall with the goal of gaining perspective and continuing to evoke critical conversations about Blackness, womanhood and normalizing the muse of people that look like her in art. 

Artist Statement

To understand opposites is to know contrast, we learn that young. It is to compare ourselves to something in existence just to grasp who we think we are. But in tragedy, or loss, or fallen ice cream cones, our reactionary selves lose the radical ability to distinguish what is whole, what is black and white, and what we knew to be binary. Although this feels like contrast, we are experiencing duality. It is a privilege to understand one’s own duality, because oftentimes to see it, we get to be on the other side of the problem. 

In an attempt to visualize my own duality, I became more aware that we may not be so different in our current challenges. And if trained in embracing duality instead of separating ourselves so significantly, we at some point will choose to empathize with a hug, not because there is new pain on the other side, but because we have felt it once too. We hold ourselves tightly for a while to understand when others need to be held more. And we pinky promise, because it may actually be the simplest form of accountability and acknowledgement. 

When we accept duality, we are in the action of combining things rather than separating them to be opposites of each other. We are learning that our grief can not have sadness against laughter, because they coexist and often look the same. And as we protest hate, you cannot just throw love at it. We can’t stay silent or listen, but instead we speak up and then actively listen. Our duality is a balance, but properly embraced, it can be a palpable tool for empathy and change.

Offered in 2 styles 


  • Gildan – Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt in Sand


  • T-Shirt Organic and/or recycled sustainable content in Gray

Limited edition available to members first. Sign up by July 15th.

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Your support allows us to empower young and emerging artists to share their voices through tangible and quality limited edition print goods.

Hi Friends

This is Katie Browne and I designed the items for this quarter’s Art Club. I’m very excited to be a part of this and would like to share a bit of the process. 

The print began as a block print that I made using two of my hand-carved rubber blocks. We digitally scanned the image and burned a screen taking into consideration the placement of the print on the final products. I chose gray for the shirts because it’s my favorite color to wear, seems especially cozy for winter, and is a really nice mid-tone background color so the black and neon pink inks really pop. We found the comfiest, most heavy-weight crewneck sweatshirt for your upgrade option. I highly recommend it.  

I’m most excited about the Omni-Pouch! It’s a great non-wearable but totally usable option. I designed the pouch to conveniently hold all the little things you might need such as art supplies, hand tools or it can be used a wallet. I’m very proud of this clever design! It evolved organically over the course of many brainstorming sessions with Reina.  I’ve always been super interested in screen printing and have really enjoyed this whole process. I hope you enjoy my designs and thanks for supporting the arts!