Letterpress Printern rocks Merry Christmas Card

Justine Timms, our wonderful Letterpress printern jumped in on her first personal project, applying all the skills she has been developing helping out at the shop. She challenged her self to use both traditional and modern techniques to cohesively create this wonderful limited edition. 3 color print on 100% Cotton Cranes Card stock with matching envelopes. There are only a few left so get yours today.

Merry Christmas! Creating this holiday card was such an amazing opportunity for me to take the skills I have learned at The Project Shop to create something of my own. Coming up with a design and getting a plate made has been a goal of mine since I first learned about letterpress. The modern process of making the plates combined with the vintage letter. I loved every part of this process. From hand done calligraphy to mixing color, printing and even all the futsing to align the plate to the paper. I am excited to continue to grow and improve my process!

Justine Timms

Danny Carreno / The Art Base Mentorship

“I’m a senior at Roaring Fork High School, throughout this amazing opportunity I plan to target mixed media and create various pieces that are based upon self revelation. I am most excited to be working with Reina Katzenberger, a professional artist with the ability to create within high levels of skill and character whom I know will guide me, inspire me, and motivate me to become a greater artist day by day. Therefore, I am also excited to expand my skill sets in art as I bring myself to open my mind and soul deeply, broadly. This will allow me to create pieces that uncover more about myself through my art.”


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George Stranahan and the Kitchen Table.

I am excited to continue expanding my thought leader series and honored to announce the most recent addition, our very own community leader, George Stranahan. Since meeting him as a young child his impact has been profound and will be lifelong.

A true champion of service-based learning I have learned much from George and have been inspired by his commitment to the importance of conversation, often best held around the kitchen table.

The hand drawn portrait is haloed with chalk markings by George’s hand.

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Thought Leaders

Artist Reina Katzenberger has been working on a recent series of portraits of Thought Leaders.  These are people who have had and maintain a strong presence in her thoughts. This series will continue to grow. Limited editions are in the works on paper as well as fabric. Some editions will be collaborations with Shop Interns and CSA design elements.

Design Process for Q2 2020

Words from the artist:

As an artist, participating in the Quarterly Club has opened a new window of possibilities. I had the facility, support and mentorship to learn a new printmaking technique that I would not have otherwise had the resources for. It’s been such a privilege to be a student again and learn a new form of expression. I hope you all subscribe 

Vanessa Porras, Q2 2020 Featured Artist
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We Voted about it.

Print update with addition of excerpt from the Declaration of Independence.
Very Limited Quantity available.

Round 2: Collaboration with Juliana Forbes and Reina Katzenberger


More Americans voted in the 2020 election than in any other in more than 100 years.

More than 76.5% of Coloradoans turned out to vote!



Kenichi Woodworking X The Project Shop  

Design by David Kodama of Kenichi Woodworking, Laser engraved on wood, Relief Block Printed, Scanned and digitized for film output to burn into photosensitive emulsion for screen-printing onto fabric and paper.  Printed by hand at The Project Shop with water based ink. Heat cured to be machine washable on a unisex crewneck t-shirt and a fashion cut (women’s) crewneck t-shirt that is made using 25% USA sourced organic cotton, 25 % soft and durable Modal,  and 50% recycled polyester from plastic bottles.

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icing on the cake

  1. Collaborate with Artist to develop kick-ass design
  2. Hand print shirts with wonderful artist interns
  3. Receive orders from local retailers, community members as well as nationwide supporters.
  4. Hand print hang tags and manually die cut with 100+ year old platen letterpress.
  5. Enjoy the icing on the cake

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City Market Carbon Mural

Now available for your viewing pleasure in IRL at the new Carbondale City Market. It was a wonderful process and collaboration with Andrew Roberts-Gray. Please view safely, wear masks and keep distanced. Thank you Kroger and City Market for the opportunity and Carbondale Arts for facilitating. We sincerely hope you all like it.