Thought Leaders

Artist Reina Katzenberger has been working on a recent series of portraits of Thought Leaders.  These are people who have had and maintain a strong presence in her thoughts. This series will continue to grow. Limited editions are in the works on paper as well as fabric. Some editions will be collaborations with Shop Interns and CSA design elements.


Kenichi Woodworking X The Project Shop  

Design by David Kodama of Kenichi Woodworking, Laser engraved on wood, Relief Block Printed, Scanned and digitized for film output to burn into photosensitive emulsion for screen-printing onto fabric and paper.  Printed by hand at The Project Shop with water based ink. Heat cured to be machine washable on a unisex crewneck t-shirt and a fashion cut (women’s) crewneck t-shirt that is made using 25% USA sourced organic cotton, 25 % soft and durable Modal,  and 50% recycled polyester from plastic bottles.

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