CSA {Community Supported Art}

We are curating a growing collection of amazing designs created and hand-printed at The Project Shop, featuring young, emerging and curious artists. We invite you to become a supporter of our CSA (Community Supported Art). Your support allows us to empower those artists to share their voices through tangible and quality limited edition print goods.

“I’ve learned as much about screen printing as I have learned about myself through this process. When to be soft and when to be strong. To practice patience when things don’t go as planned and to be persistent. I have to leave ego at the door and come in as a child ready to play and learn.”

Vanessa Porras – Recent Featured Artist

As with a food based CSA delivery you might not love eggplant but we are pretty sure you know someone who does. So as with our CSA, we encourage the featured artist to truly express themselves without constraints and pressures of market value.

Every quarter or so a kick-ass artist designed and artist made print. For the Wear it CSA It might be a long sleeve or tank or super soft recycled shirt. You get to choose your preferred style (unisex or fashion) and your preferred size.  We will handle the rest. For the Mail it CSA it will be original artwork by featured artist mailed to with an additional one for you to send on to a friend. Subscribe quarterly or annually.

Available Subscriptions

Club Sponsorship

Support free learning opportunities for local creatives. Your monthly sponsorship will help us engage young and new artists in the design and production process of our art shirt club. We will show the ins and outs of the club and mentor their own creative exploration and design process as a featured artist for the Club.

Perfect for those that just don’t want deliveries but want to make a difference.

*sponsorships support internship opportunities for students; including shop space, instruction and supplies. We will keep you personally updated on our club activities and artists.

Available items from past limited editions

Posts about our CSA: Quarterly Club

  • CSA Mail it featuring Robert Burch
    Dear Friends,  Last month mixed media Mail Art happened in a big way.  Robert Burch, glass, metal and graphic artist came to the shop and created a truly unique series for our CSA.  A few years back he gifted me a roll of Player Piano Roll. The perforated […]
  • CSA Wear it! Edith Niblo quote
    This round is a special run celebrating the founding of the Art Base 25 years ago and a quote that inspired the founder and has guided its mission. This unique monoprint style screenprint is going on a short sleeve eco tri-blend t-shirt.
  • Mail Art CSA Q3 2021 design and message
    “What will it take to move out of these challenging and crucial circumstances and feel like we are one world flourishing together? Is it possible? Recently, I came across the words “radical and necessary reimagining” and I was struck by their compelling directive. Reimagining in this way will […]
  • MAIL IT Q3 2021 Featured Artist {Deborah Jones}
    ABOUT THE ARTIST Deborah Jones is a painter, collage and book artist working in her studio in Basalt, Colorado,Her career in the arts spans over many years beginning with being a founding member of the Graphic Workshop in Boston while receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts at MassArt. With […]
  • Q32020 Special Edition in honor of Angus Graham
    This special edition of the Quarterly Club shirt is a celebration of Angus Graham the enduring impact he has had on our creative community.
  • Design Process for Q2 2020
    Words from the artist: As an artist, participating in the Quarterly Club has opened a new window of possibilities. I had the facility, support and mentorship to learn a new printmaking technique that I would not have otherwise had the resources for. It’s been such a privilege to […]
  • Q2 2020 Featured Artist and Design
    Vanessa Porras Words from the artist: “I’ve learned as much about screen printing as I have learned about myself through this process. When to be soft and when to be strong. To practice patience when things don’t go as planned and to be persistent. I have to leave […]
  • Q1 2020 Featured Artist and Design
    Marin Griffith Words from the artist: I’ve been really grateful for this opportunity to work with The Project Shop. When I was first asked to be the featured artist, there was so much freedom, I was nervous I would get lost. But Reina was helpful, kind and encouraged […]
  • the OMNI pouch is alive.

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