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MAIL IT Q3 2021 Featured Artist {Deborah Jones}


Deborah Jones is a painter, collage and book artist working in her studio in Basalt, Colorado,Her career in the arts spans over many years beginning with being a founding member of the Graphic Workshop in Boston while receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts at MassArt. With a move to the Roaring Fork Valley Deborah started teaching art at the Aspen Community School in Woody Creek, Colorado and operated a small silk screen studio. In the late 1990’s she became the founding director of the Wyly Community Art Center, now called the Art Base in Basalt, Colorado.  Deborah has been exhibiting her mixed media art works locally and nationally over the past decades. Leaving community work the directing of the art center provided a new opportunity to continue full time pursuits in art making and gardening up on Basalt Mountain.


How does an artist truthfully describe her process of envisioning and making art when affected so profoundly by such turbulence and uncertainty as we experienced this last year and a half? Can I remember back before this wave of disruption and tragedy occurred? This has been a powerful moment for me questioning if my making art really has any meaning and if it has any impact beyond my own personal story. 

I respond well to having purpose. Throughout the exploration of my work I have been drawn to creating personal narrative pieces developed in a wide range of mediums. I am moved to make art focused on a particular occurrence past or present, words and poetry, a climate change and/or science phenomenon, the process of resilience, the creative flow, the power of the origin family, the ebb and flow of human connection. 

As of late I have felt bogged down while at the same time fascinated by what force could move us towards the reckonings needed to create a universal life based in justice, kindness, racial equality and love. What will it take to move out of these challenging and crucial circumstances and feel like we are one world flourishing together? Is it possible? Recently, I came across the words “radical and necessary reimagining” and I was struck by their compelling directive. Reimagining in this way will be essential to our expanding and making a change that affects the fundamental nature of what it means for us individually and for humanity to truly thrive.