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Design Process for Q2 2020

Words from the artist:

As an artist, participating in the Quarterly Club has opened a new window of possibilities. I had the facility, support and mentorship to learn a new printmaking technique that I would not have otherwise had the resources for. It’s been such a privilege to be a student again and learn a new form of expression. I hope you all subscribe 

Vanessa Porras, Q2 2020 Featured Artist

The design process:

We began the process of the T-shirt design with an idea that was directly feeding off of my current body of work. Reina helped me bring this idea to life by breaking it up into sections. I first began by writing about it. It was important to identify the different elements and the meaning behind them. I then transitioned into understanding the processes of screen printing and whether my initial idea would translate well or even be possible with screen printing.

As with anything new, it took awhile for me to understand visually what the end result would look like. So naturally, I got to work on paper, I wanted to have something look like mountains and waves simultaneously residing and fading. I had a mental image that I tried to recreate by painting with watercolor.  Keeping in mind the mesh count of the screens, I collaged a halftone pattern that would be similar to what I had painted. That portion of the process was like putting together a puzzle without the help of the image on the box to tell you what it’s supposed to look like. 

From there, I hand drew the lines on a piece of paper that would be printed to overlap the halftone design. The next step was to figure out how to make the lines in the front of the shirt connect to the lines on the back. As an artist I tend to default with what I know best, initially I wanted to hand draw all the lines on the shirt, however, as part of the learning process I pushed outside of my comfort zone and began to understand how I could achieve a similar effect with the screen. The lines will connecting the front and back prints will be hand drawn elements. Getting to be a student again and learning a new printmaking technique has opened up so many possibilities in my artmaking

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