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Q2 2020 Featured Artist and Design

Vanessa Porras

Words from the artist:

“I’ve learned as much about screen printing as I have learned about myself through this process. When to be soft and when to be strong. To practice patience when things don’t go as planned and to be persistent. I have to leave ego at the door and come in as a child ready to play and learn.”

Artist Statement

Throughout the exploration of my work, I continue to be pulled back to the origin. The fertile ground that is the ocean floor; the feminine that continues to give birth.

The give and take of the ocean waves, a communication between undulations. The cleansing and healing of salt water. How can something so nurturing and majestic be simultaneously so unforgiving and tragic.

The mountains I climb challenge my every step as I follow the tradition of engraving trails. In my own journey I try to fill the path I’ve left behind with gold in hopes that my time on earth and the suffering endured will hold meaning and beauty.

The lines that I carve into wood and draw obsessively are a meditation and a prayer. Like humming a bolero while braiding the hair of my ancestors and feeling the power of this lineage in my hands. 


Vanessa Porras works as an educator for Aspen Art Museum teaching primarily for AAM’s outreach programs including Mobile Story Art, Pitkin County Jail and Youth Recovery Center at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs. A portion of her teaching time is also devoted to VOICES, a non-profit based out of Carbondale, whose mission is to amplify voices through the arts. Vanessa works as a printmaker specializing in woodcuts and abstract ink drawings.

Vanessa obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Colorado Mesa University in 2018. Art has always been an imperative ingredient to the makeup of her character. She initiated her odyssey back to art after graduating from Colorado Mountain College in 2014, where she received an Associate of Arts in Spanish.

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