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Danny Carreno / The Art Base Mentorship

“I’m a senior at Roaring Fork High School, throughout this amazing opportunity I plan to target mixed media and create various pieces that are based upon self revelation. I am most excited to be working with Reina Katzenberger, a professional artist with the ability to create within high levels of skill and character whom I know will guide me, inspire me, and motivate me to become a greater artist day by day. Therefore, I am also excited to expand my skill sets in art as I bring myself to open my mind and soul deeply, broadly. This will allow me to create pieces that uncover more about myself through my art.”


Danny Carreno Interview with Aspen Public Radio’s Kirsten Dobroth, Edlis Neeson Arts & Culture Reporter
Studio Visit with Artist Olivia Pevec and CRMS Senior Ida Mae Cachucha

Claudette Carter ARTMentors at The Art Base

The CCAM is designed for sophomore, junior, and senior high school students who are interested in learning a creative trade from a professional artist. Participants will learn firsthand what it takes be a working artist and gain insight into how a career in commercial arts builds on a solid foundation of fine arts and media to reach an audience’s attention.  Generously sponsored by Richard Carter.

Artist Talk May 2021

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