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Deborah Jones showing in Resilience a Group Exhibition @ Red Brick Art Center in Aspen, Colorado

Deborah Jones, one our founding artist-in-residence at the Project Shop has been an integral source of support and learning. She returned last year for 2 months to work on her Solo show “ABSENSE” at The Art Base in Basalt, Colorado. As a life long champion of arts for all ages and abilities we are honored to learn from Deborah Jones, celebrate her art work and be inspired by her belief in resiliency. Watch video to learn more.

“I, along with billions of others, am suddenly part of a profound process of transformation, adaptation and ultimately resilience.”

Words from the artist:

Transformative Adaptation, 2020 

My invitation to this show Resilience was opportune because I had already been working with resilience as a theme. The form of this installation piece was already unfolding and then took  unexpected turns as the world responded to the pandemic. I realized that I, along with billions  of others, was suddenly part of a profound process of transformation, adaptation and ultimately resilience. 

Ice, 2020 

The melting and collapse of ice shelves on the western Antarctica Peninsula and in the Arctic captivated my attention and curiosity several years ago. It all began with my reading about, viewing and collecting NASA images of drastically impacted areas of melting and collapsing ice shelves. As evidence of an unstable climate and changing planet, the ice patterns retain.

Exhibition Details

Resilience: Sept 17- Oct 29, 2020. Red Brick Aspen

The Red Brick Art Center is open to the public. Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Thursday, 10am – 4pm & by appointment

110 East Hallam St., Suite 118 | Aspen, CO 81611

Deborah’s work is shown along side 8 other amazing valley artists including Brian Colley, a Project Shop featured artist and incredibly talented printmaker and painter based in Carbondale Co.

What Resilience means to Deborah Jones:

flexibility   adaptability    elasticity     strength     buoyancy connection    healthy-thinking    well-being   meaning