Letterpress Printern rocks Merry Christmas Card

Justine Timms, our wonderful Letterpress printern jumped in on her first personal project, applying all the skills she has been developing helping out at the shop. She challenged her self to use both traditional and modern techniques to cohesively create this wonderful limited edition. 3 color print on 100% Cotton Cranes Card stock with matching envelopes. There are only a few left so get yours today.

Merry Christmas! Creating this holiday card was such an amazing opportunity for me to take the skills I have learned at The Project Shop to create something of my own. Coming up with a design and getting a plate made has been a goal of mine since I first learned about letterpress. The modern process of making the plates combined with the vintage letter. I loved every part of this process. From hand done calligraphy to mixing color, printing and even all the futsing to align the plate to the paper. I am excited to continue to grow and improve my process!

Justine Timms

CSA Mail it featuring Robert Burch

Dear Friends, 

Last month mixed media Mail Art happened in a big way.  Robert Burch, glass, metal and graphic artist came to the shop and created a truly unique series for our CSA.  A few years back he gifted me a roll of Player Piano Roll. The perforated holes much like an early computer punch card allowed the player piano to play music without an operator.  The treasured item rested safely on a shelf in the shop until he showed up fresh from the School of Visual Art in NYC to explore some traditional print with a fresh perspective.  A wonderful collaboration ensued and he produced a killer limited edition for our CSA subscribers.  As past featured artist Deborah Jones said, “Love it — especially the on-purpose askew fold and that fascinating translucent paper with those marks on it.  I am reminded once again of how diverse artists are; their vision and execution, their treatment of form and content…. Can’t wait for quarter #3.”

What was old (player piano paper, vintage handset type…) becomes new and then back again. This only happens with your support, encouragement and participation. I am very grateful for these opportunities. 

with love, 
reina and the project shop

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Donkey Initiative

Donkey Print Shirts, Unisex Scrubs and Furoshiki that give back!

Raising Funds and Awareness for The Equitarian Initiative non-profit which supports humans and working equines, through veterinary aid and education. Their team treats, trains, and transforms the lives of horses, mules, and donkeys in remote areas. For more information see EquitarianInitiative.org 

PRE-ORDER by 12/6/2021 to ensure holiday arrival. 

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ACES Harvest Party

Community collaboration with non-profit at their educational ranching facility for their annual Harvest Party. We set up mobile print screen printing for visitors to print their own shirts or print one of our eco-friendly blanks to commemorate this super cool event. Learn more about this amazing valley wide non-profit, established more than 50 years ago and still going strong. aspennature.org

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Bookmaking Workshop for Aspen Institute Ascend Fellows

We brought the Project Shop to the Aspen Institute – including bookmaking materials, collaging supplies, and an vintage table top letterpress!  Reina facilitated a bookmaking workshop for the Aspen Institute Fellows, a group of heart centered leaders working to improve the lives of children and families in the U.S.  Ascend Fellows took some time to reflect, and design their own hand sewn book.  Many collaged about their experience, and were blown away by the magic of printing their own original ex-libris bookplates on our vintage tabletop platen letterpress. Some planned to use their book as a journal, or to give away as a gift.  After months of online meetings it was the first time the 2021 class of Ascend Fellows met in person, and Reina’s bookmaking workshop facilitated an amazing opportunity for creativity, community, and connection. 

October 5 – 6, 2021