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City Market Carbon Mural

Now available for your viewing pleasure in IRL at the new Carbondale City Market. It was a wonderful process and collaboration with Andrew Roberts-Gray. Please view safely, wear masks and keep distanced. Thank you Kroger and City Market for the opportunity and Carbondale Arts for facilitating. We sincerely hope you all like it.

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Vote about it.

The Project Shop is proud to collaborate with Roaring Fork Valley native, artist Juliana Forbes on this timely limited edition run of shirts. We will be printing them all summer and fall, some are in stock and we are taking backorders to print to order. Delivery for backorders within 7-10 business days.

Printed on Allmade t-shirts, made using 25% USA sourced organic cotton, 25 % soft and durable Modal,  and 50% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. The shirts are cut & sewn in Haiti by people who earn a living wage. The production facility where the shirts are produced directs profits to orphan care and orphan prevention. The end result is a socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and superior quality t-shirt that is made to last.

Read more from the artist below with a kickass list of some ideas to GET OUT THE VOTE.

Words from the artist:

Dear Family and Friends, 
Many of us are heartbroken and scared, devastated by our current national policies, and those we’ve tolerated for hundreds of years. Hard truths have been exposed, illuminating the violence and racial inequities that have shaped us, and values that are poisoning our social and physical environment.
Much is riding on November’s election—from our heating earth to collapsing democracy—and Americans are paying attention. Now, we need to vote. Drum roll please

Some ideas to GET OUT THE VOTE this November 3rd! (Feel free to pass on!)

  • Spread the word in this t-shirt and inspire your community to vote, supporting the amazing Project Shop in the process. Buy 5 eco/organic Ts for everyone in your family! (Hand-printed by Reina Katzenberger, discount for bulk orders):
  • Encourage voting with Vote Forward, write letters as part of The Big Send=10 million letters to voters in key states in October (proven to significantly increase voter turnout):
  • Support voter registration with the wildly effective Voter Participation Center:
  • And if you are feeling at least as troubled about our current administration as Lindsey Graham, watch this short video featuring an ad from Republican Voters Against Trump and forward it near and far:

Many are devastated and scared by our current national policies, and those we’ve upheld for hundreds of years. Hard truths have been exposed, illuminating the violence and racial inequities that have shaped us, and values that have poisoned our social and physical environment. It is a dangerous time in America, but it also is a time of historic possibility.
VOTE about it.

With great hope and excitement,

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Art Base 10 x 10 Silent Auction

The Art Base 10×10 Silent Auction bidding open til August 16th.
Founded in 1996 when I was 16, many of my formative creative moments were tied to this amazing community art center. I have watched countless others benefit from its founding mission of art for all ages and abilities.
The first 5 people to correctly guess the piece I have donated to the online auction will receive a $20 coupon code for any Project Shop purchase. Most importantly please consider bidding. This is the most important and largest fundraiser of the year for the art base.
VIEW & BID https://10×
Sincerely and with love,

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Flash Card Exhibit at R2 Gallery/ Launchpad

Online Auction closes promptly at 3pm on Wednesday July 29

Online Gallery and Auction Website

More info about the exhibition.

Over 50 artists accepted the challenge to receive a randomly chosen flash card from exhibition curator Wewer Keohane’s collection as inspiration to create artwork, and as a prompt to examine their time of isolation during the pandemic.

Scroll down to view details on work by

Reina Katzenberger: STOPART

Reina Katzenberger’s response to STOP sign flash card is Mixed media print on gallery pedestal.

The piece is made up of stop sign designs from all over the world beginning with the first circa 1915 where each sign is defaced in some way.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Disturbing the peace. [Police code 415]

I believe in the importance of our collective adherence and respect for the systems of law and order in our culture.  I also hold in equal importance civil disobedience and individual expression of voice even if contrary to the rule of law. 

This contradiction, and existence of two seemingly inconsistent truths is a theme that has long been with me.  I am both old and young, full of potential and failure.  I am a rule follower and believe strongly in the power and potential of our systems.  I also believe that there are deep rooted wrongs in our systems that have to be revealed, spoken of, acknowledged and torn down.  I find great meaning when two disparate things become entangled and thus inform, enhance and offer a home to each other (data/narrative, entropy/order, subject/object, me/you, artist/art, order/disturbance, compliance/agitation).  We have to keep doing the work together to strive for our collective potential, even if it feels elusive. 

Born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley, I am fathered by an earth systems scientist and mothered by an Reina Katzenberger was born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley by an earth systems scientist and artist/educator who championed art for all.  From the beginning, she has had strong belief in experiential education and the inextricable relationship between art and science.  In 2014, she opened The Project Shop ~ a creative space specializing in providing hands-on opportunities for artists and creatives interested in exploring mixed media applications of traditional print methods with the goal to empower artists to express themselves well and successfully distribute quality works that promote creativity, collaboration and community.  Her own work explores the relationship between art and science and the tension of representative imagery, informational graphics alongside expressive abstraction.

Deborah Jones: Voronoi

I had been in the midst of a project for a future exhibition when all of a sudden I stopped working on it as I began to shelter in place. Stunned, at a loss, vulnerable and confused I was comforted to receive the flash card invitation, and subsequently receive my Corn Cob card. Being immediately impressed with the design of the kernels on the cob as well as the whole notion of flash cards, I went with my first instinct and began to investigate the patterning of the kernels. It is a Voronoi pattern which provides clues to nature’s tendency to favor efficiency: tightest fit and shortest path. I was attracted to learn about something I didn’t know much about during this strange and daunting time of Covid. I reminisced too about how much I had enjoyed using flash cards as a child. Drawing and painting the patterns brought solace and focus for me in this tumultuous time of uncertainty and crisis. Unfortunately it was only 10 days before the piece was to be submitted that I realized it could not be handled by the viewer as I had envisioned. In the moment of the delight and focus in making the Voronoi flash cards I had forgotten about the virus and the necessary restrictions for helping it not spread.

I have been drawing and painting my entire life.
Interwoven with teaching, cofounding a community
art center and raising a family, making art has been
the core thread of of who I am. I was born in California and moved just about every year of my childhood until I ended up in Connecticut for high school and then onto Boston graduating from MassArt College of Art and Design in 1973. During that time I co-founded the Graphic Workshop. With a move to Colorado after that and teaching at the Aspen Community School for 25 years, I cofounded the Art Base in Basalt where I was director and designed programs for 15 years. My work has been exhibited locally and nationally. I continue my
art making in my studio in Basalt where the work ranges from painting and mixed media to book making.

Mathematics rightly viewed possesses not only truth but supreme beauty.

-Bertrand Russell

Voronoi is named after Russian mathematician Georgy Feodosievych Voronoy who studied and defined mathematically this type of diagram & tessellation (tiling) pattern in 1908. Though informal use can be traced back to Descartes in 1644.

From seeds or starting points, it is a way that nature uses to fill space into discrete regions. A Voronoi pattern provides clues to nature’s tendency to favor efficiency: the closest neighbor, shortest path and tightest fit. Each region or cell in a Voronoi pattern has a seed point. Everything inside that cell is closest to it than any other seed; each line along a region’s edge is equidistant from the two nearest seed points. 

LARA WHITLEY: Toilet Paper Tree

When Wewer sent my flash card, I flipped it over to read Peabody Picture Collection’s description. I learned that “historically, the value of a pine tree has been in the white, clear wood…but perhaps their greatest
commercial value today is for making paper pulp.” I wondered how a pine tree’s worth would be calculated by a gray jay, a mule deer, an indigenous healer, a hiker, a forester. And I conjured what a tree would look like if we only valued it for its commercial benefit.

This project is made possible by the generosity of underwriter Susan H. Brady, the collaboration of The Project Shop, and inspiration from Richard Powers’ The Overstory and Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree.

Hand printing each toilet roll tissue cover printed with hand set letter press at the Project Shop June 2020

Aspen, Colorado
Named a “sculptor to watch” by Aspen Sojourner magazine, Lara Whitley is known for large scale works that explore the relationship between the human and natural worlds. She is currently Artist-in Residence at Aspen Community School and recently won the People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Art of the State, Colorado’s triennial juried show. She is founder/curator of Imagine Climate: creative perspectives on climate change, held annually by CORE, where she works as Creative Strategy Director. Lara lives with her family in the Roaring Fork Valley.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Q1 2020 Featured Artist and Design

Marin Griffith

Words from the artist:

I’ve been really grateful for this opportunity to work with The Project Shop. When I was first asked to be the featured artist, there was so much freedom, I was nervous I would get lost. But Reina was helpful, kind and encouraged me in a direction I could be proud of. These designs are how I feel in my own little world right now, and I hope others will also sense the embrace of these figures. Thank you for giving me a platform to share.


Marin Griffith is an 18 year old creator. She has embraced art through many mediums much of her life. Starting early with daily flower drawings in preschool, to designing and publishing her high school literary and arts magazine, and now finding her voice challenging motifs of race and identity as she discovers herself more closely through art. She will be attending The Rhode Island School of Design in the fall with the goal of gaining perspective and continuing to evoke critical conversations about Blackness, womanhood and normalizing the muse of people that look like her in art. 

Artist Statement

To understand opposites is to know contrast, we learn that young. It is to compare ourselves to something in existence just to grasp who we think we are. But in tragedy, or loss, or fallen ice cream cones, our reactionary selves lose the radical ability to distinguish what is whole, what is black and white, and what we knew to be binary. Although this feels like contrast, we are experiencing duality. It is a privilege to understand one’s own duality, because oftentimes to see it, we get to be on the other side of the problem. 

In an attempt to visualize my own duality, I became more aware that we may not be so different in our current challenges. And if trained in embracing duality instead of separating ourselves so significantly, we at some point will choose to empathize with a hug, not because there is new pain on the other side, but because we have felt it once too. We hold ourselves tightly for a while to understand when others need to be held more. And we pinky promise, because it may actually be the simplest form of accountability and acknowledgement. 

When we accept duality, we are in the action of combining things rather than separating them to be opposites of each other. We are learning that our grief can not have sadness against laughter, because they coexist and often look the same. And as we protest hate, you cannot just throw love at it. We can’t stay silent or listen, but instead we speak up and then actively listen. Our duality is a balance, but properly embraced, it can be a palpable tool for empathy and change.

Offered in 2 styles 


  • Gildan – Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt in Sand


  • T-Shirt Organic and/or recycled sustainable content in Gray

Limited edition available to members first. Sign up by July 15th.

Any remaining items will be available for individual sale in our Online Store. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of availability.

Your support allows us to empower young and emerging artists to share their voices through tangible and quality limited edition print goods.

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Hi Friends

This is Katie Browne and I designed the items for this quarter’s Art Club. I’m very excited to be a part of this and would like to share a bit of the process. 

The print began as a block print that I made using two of my hand-carved rubber blocks. We digitally scanned the image and burned a screen taking into consideration the placement of the print on the final products. I chose gray for the shirts because it’s my favorite color to wear, seems especially cozy for winter, and is a really nice mid-tone background color so the black and neon pink inks really pop. We found the comfiest, most heavy-weight crewneck sweatshirt for your upgrade option. I highly recommend it.  

I’m most excited about the Omni-Pouch! It’s a great non-wearable but totally usable option. I designed the pouch to conveniently hold all the little things you might need such as art supplies, hand tools or it can be used a wallet. I’m very proud of this clever design! It evolved organically over the course of many brainstorming sessions with Reina.  I’ve always been super interested in screen printing and have really enjoyed this whole process. I hope you enjoy my designs and thanks for supporting the arts! 

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Last Minute Gift Guide

We think you should consider these wonderful last minute gift ideas.

Wear it! Art shirt club. Membership.

Great gift item that lasts all year long. Membership includes 4 shirt deliveries always available in 2 styles and always made with love. They are exclusively designed by local artists new to the wearable art world. Membership is a wonderful way to support the shop celebrate local artists and engage with the community.

More information about this quarter’s artist and her kickass designs.

Letterpress printed GIFT CARD AVAILABLE for pick up at the shop.

Mt. Sopris Aprons

These custom printed MADE-TO-ORDER Aprons are available in 3 styles.  Hand-printed with custom imagery of the majestic Mt. Sopris and other exclusive Project Shop designs. The exact placement and color of the prints will vary per the artist’s discretion. Specific design requests welcome!

Letterpress printed GIFT CARD AVAILABLE for pick up at the shop.

Travel Kits.

Uniquely screenprinted durable hemp pouch filled with all the essentials. A6 Japanese blank note book with letterpress and screenprinted cover, the best writing tools, 3 rolls of washi tape, blank postcard and more…

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