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Hi Friends

This is Katie Browne and I designed the items for this quarter’s Art Club. I’m very excited to be a part of this and would like to share a bit of the process. 

The print began as a block print that I made using two of my hand-carved rubber blocks. We digitally scanned the image and burned a screen taking into consideration the placement of the print on the final products. I chose gray for the shirts because it’s my favorite color to wear, seems especially cozy for winter, and is a really nice mid-tone background color so the black and neon pink inks really pop. We found the comfiest, most heavy-weight crewneck sweatshirt for your upgrade option. I highly recommend it.  

I’m most excited about the Omni-Pouch! It’s a great non-wearable but totally usable option. I designed the pouch to conveniently hold all the little things you might need such as art supplies, hand tools or it can be used a wallet. I’m very proud of this clever design! It evolved organically over the course of many brainstorming sessions with Reina.  I’ve always been super interested in screen printing and have really enjoyed this whole process. I hope you enjoy my designs and thanks for supporting the arts! 

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Last Minute Gift Guide

We think you should consider these wonderful last minute gift ideas.

Wear it! Art shirt club. Membership.

Great gift item that lasts all year long. Membership includes 4 shirt deliveries always available in 2 styles and always made with love. They are exclusively designed by local artists new to the wearable art world. Membership is a wonderful way to support the shop celebrate local artists and engage with the community.

More information about this quarter’s artist and her kickass designs.

Letterpress printed GIFT CARD AVAILABLE for pick up at the shop.

Mt. Sopris Aprons

These custom printed MADE-TO-ORDER Aprons are available in 3 styles.  Hand-printed with custom imagery of the majestic Mt. Sopris and other exclusive Project Shop designs. The exact placement and color of the prints will vary per the artist’s discretion. Specific design requests welcome!

Letterpress printed GIFT CARD AVAILABLE for pick up at the shop.

Travel Kits.

Uniquely screenprinted durable hemp pouch filled with all the essentials. A6 Japanese blank note book with letterpress and screenprinted cover, the best writing tools, 3 rolls of washi tape, blank postcard and more…

we send out emails with info like this gift guide.
sign up to receive them HERE

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{Q4} 2019 Featured Artist & Exclusive Designs

Katie Browne// December 2019

Check out our featured artist, Carbondale local Katie Browne.
She is a textile artist and printmaker, specializing in block prints. Don’t miss the exclusive Omni Pouch with tool roll and zippered enclosure for all your goodies, designed, sewn and printed by the artist as an upgrade option.

Deadline to signup extended to Jan 5th at midnight.

Your options of blanks for this winter’s delivery.

We always offer 2 quality styles in the size of your choosing and this quarter we are offering two amazing upgrade options.
A heavy weight, super soft American Apparel Sweatshirt and Omni Pouch with tool roll and zippered enclosure for all your goodies. Each piece is printed by the Artist herself as she embarks on an already successful Printernship at the shop.

About the design.

A hand carved block print, printed, scanned, printed, exposed, burnt, washed out, taped off, test printed, artfully placed on high quality blanks, screen printed, flashed, cured, and deeply loved.

Ready to become a member? Sign up today.

Are you already a member?

First off, THANK YOU.

Secondly, if you would like to upgrade to the Plush 13 oz. Sweatshirt or to the Exclusive PS OMNI pouch tool roll. Complete your upgrade purchase by Jan 5th.

Questions? Email the shop

Remember exclusive Wear it! art items are first available to members ONLY. Get more information about signing up here.

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Print Parties

We love setting up our mobile print shops. Our 1988 Toyota Flatbed is equipped for mobile Letterpress or Screen printing on site outside or in. Contact us to book your next Print Party!

In-house starts at $300 • On-site starts at $500

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indentations Sept19–Oct31-2019

indentations Sept19–Oct31-2019

(new print work) @ Red Brick Art Center

September 19 – October 31 also showing recent work from Bariloche artist Barbara Drausal.  

These pieces are in response to my time and experiences in Bariloche, Argentina during my Aspen Sister City Artist Exchange in May 2019. Each piece celebrates something I learned from a studio visit, explored in conversation with an artist or was captured by visually. 

Using familiar mixed media techniques that incorporate traditional printmaking these pieces explore new and unexpected mark making and impression techniques.  The content of the pieces is inspired directly by the natural physical landscape of the place as well as the profound impression the people and their artwork has left upon me and my personal exploration of creative expression. 

Thank you to the Red Brick Art Center for supporting the Aspen Sister Cities Artist Exchange Program. Artist Barbra Drausal was going to be here on exchange but suffered a last minute accident and couldn’t make the trip. We send her all our love and well wishes for quick recovery!

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Q3 2019 Featured Artist & Shirt Design


Jess is an artist/illustrator/bartender/forklift-operator who lives and works in North Central Washington. There is no shortage of inspiration at the foothills of the North Cascades! Her illustration is influenced by the beauty of the natural world, the bizarreness of human nature and the space that is created where they meet.

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Q2 2019 Featured Artist & Shirt Design

Valerie Rose

Valerie Rose is a muralist, painter, illustrator, and an environmentalist. She was raised in California by Deaf parents and is deaf in one ear. Sign language is her native language. She has always loved to draw, but it was her move to Nicaragua in 2016, where she found herself as an artist. She loves drawing illustrations and comics with india ink, occasionally combining them with watercolors. She started painting murals in June, 2016 and has since painted 31 walls. All of her work is done by hand.

Well that was super fun.