CSA Community Supported Art

Each quarter’s Limited Edition run goes to Subscribers first. Extras are available here later in the month. Become a member and guarantee dibs on the coolest artist made limited editions at crazy affordable prices.

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  • CSA Wear it! Niblo Shirt {extras}

    Sale! $43.00
    This round is a special run celebrating the founding of the Art Base 25 years ago and a quote that inspired the founder and has guided its mission. This unique monoprint style screenprint is on a short sleeve eco tri-blend t-shirt. Purchasing this directly supports our CSA program which empowers young, emerging and curious artists to share their voices through tangible and quality limited edition print goods. Its not just a shirt...
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  • CSA Sponsorship

    From: $5.00 / month
    Your sponsorship will help us engage artists in the design and production process of our CSA. With your support we will show the ins and outs of all of the various printmaking methods we use for the CSA and encourage them to explore their own creative exploration and design process development. Perfect for those that just don't want deliveries but want to make a difference. You are giving a pretty stellar gift to the shop's artist community.  
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  • CSA Wear it Subscription

    From: $40.00 every 3 months
    COMMUNITY SUPPORTED ART: Subscribe to our Wear it CSA - every 3 months you will receive a kick-ass artist designed and artist made shirt. It might be a long sleeve, tank or super soft recycled shirt. Before each limited edition edition we will email you to confirm your preferred style (unisex or fashion) and your preferred size. We will handle the rest. Please note your default preferred Size and Style in the notes during checkout. Select shipping options or pick up at checkout.
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  • CSA Mail it Subscription

    From: $50.00 every 3 months
    You never know what coolness will arrive in your mailbox with out newest CSA {community supported art} - a quarterly delivery of MAIL ART with one for you and including one to send to a friend. Your Mail Art package includes 2 original artworks signed and editioned by the featured artist and will be sent via post to the shipping address provided at checkout.  Postage is included.  Subscribe Quarterly every 3 months or receive 10 % discount with Annual subscription. 
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  • Sold out!

    Q1 2020 T-Shirt (Non-Members)

    For limited time only get this powerful design by featured artist Marin Griffith.  We have a small quantity from our limited edition run for our Quarterly Club Wear it! members available for purchase.  Artist printed by hand with water based inks, cured to be machine washable.
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Showing all 5 results