Cards: Express Gratitude


Hand printed with antique letterpress at the Project Shop.

3 helpful takeaways from a Harvard Medical Study. More info here

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Notes about the printing: Traditional quality letterpress printing was demonstrated by just ‘kissing’ the paper and leaving a clean clear print without impressing into the paper. Modern aesthetics have grown to celebrate the deep impressions possible with letterpress. With this card design we are demonstrating both schools. The line of thank you text is deeply impressed to emphasize the typewriter font used. The main design was original letterpress printed with large wooden type that had been sanded for use in sculpture. We reclaimed this type to use in its originally intended way. The sanded surface held the ink in a more unpredictable and unique way. The worn print we pull I then scanned and digitized to make a much smaller photopolymer plate for printing on cards. Our stamp on the back uses an engraving image inspired by DaVinci’s medical illustration drawing of an eye.

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Regular, Bulk – 20 cards with envelopes