Quarterly Club. WEAR IT!


We are curating a growing collection of amazing shirt designs created and hand-printed at The Project Shop by our team of hard-working and dedicated artists. We invite you to become a member.

Featured Artist and Design July 2020

By becoming a member you are making it possible for artists to confidently develop, design and print these unique and priceless limited editions.

You’re here to be a part of a community that creates real value for artists and their craft. Think of it like a CSA…even if you don’t want to cook the eggplant, maybe Judy down the street has been waiting all summer long for one to show up in her basket. So, by joining the WEAR IT art shirt club, you’re saying YES to awesome, hand-printed, functional art, and you’re supporting the incredible creatives behind each design.

Every 3 months you will receive a kick-ass artist designed and artist made shirt. It might be a long sleeve or tank or super soft recycled shirt. Your prepaid membership lasts for a year, totaling 4 deliveries.  You get to choose your preferred style (unisex or fashion) and your preferred size.  We will handle the rest.

Before each quarter we will send you a preview of the styles being offered and ask to confirm your size and style preference. Occasionally we will offer upgrades and members only print-runs of useful, wearable or just plain awesome stuff.

Monthly Sponsorship

Support free learning opportunities for local creatives. Your monthly sponsorship will help us engage young and new artists in the design and production process of our art shirt club. We will show the ins and outs of the club and mentor their own creative exploration and design process as a featured artist for the Club.

Perfect for those that just don’t want deliveries but want to make a difference.

*sponsorships support internship opportunities for students; including shop space, instruction and supplies. We will keep you personally updated on our club activities and artists.

What to expect in 2020 // Delivery Schedule.

Delivery Schedule

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