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Wear it. Art Shirt Club! What is it?

We are curating a year long collection of amazing shirt designs created and hand-printed at The Project Shop by our team of hard-working and dedicated artists.

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it’s more than t-shirts.

You’re not just buying t-shirts here; by joining WEAR IT, you’re powering up a vibrant group of artists that shine with totally unique styles and voices. The WEAR IT project has a simple goal; connect incredible artists to a community that celebrates their craft (that’s you!).

/ / why WEAR IT? / /

No matter how much we appreciate it, buying art can be tough. It’s expensive, it doesn’t feel practical, it’s big, it’s not kid-friendly, it doesn’t travel well…Trust me, we get it. That’s why WEAR IT exists. We’re removing the barriers of traditional art buying so art lovers can actually surround themselves with the work they love…in an inexpensive, functional, go-anywhere package. Cool right?

So, no excuses people. This is fine art. And you get to WEAR IT. Now that’s rad!

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We are curating a year-long collection of amazing shirt designs created and hand-printed in the project shop by our team of hard-working artists. We’ll do our best to bring you a funky diversity of colors, styles and voices, but you might not totally love all 12. That’s ok! You’re not here just to buy t-shirts. You could do that at Target. You’re here to be a part of a community that creates real value for artists and their craft. Think of it like a CSA…even if you don’t want to cook the eggplant, maybe Judy down the street has been waiting all summer long for one to show up in her basket.

So, by joining the WEAR IT art shirt club, you’re saying YES to awesome, hand-printed, functional art, you’re supporting the incredible creatives behind each design…and you’re also letting go of total consumer control. This experience will no doubt be inspiring, surprising and fun.

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Every 3 months you will receive a kick-ass artist designed and artist made shirt.

4 deliveries beginning with the quarter following your subscription, which might be a long sleeve or tank or super soft recycled shirt. We only need to know your size and your belief that intentional cool wearable art is worth supporting.

prices do not include shipping. free pickup available. prices subject to change.


Support free learning opportunities for local students. Your monthly sponsorship will help us engage young and new artists in the design and production process of our art shirt club. We will show the ins and outs of the club and mentor their own creative exploration and design process as a featured artist for the Club. Same price as a t-shirt but instead you are giving a pretty stellar gift to an all too deserving artist.

*sponsorships support internship opportunities for students; including shop space, instruction and supplies. We will keep you personally updated on our club activities and artists.


Tree Ring by Reina Katzenberger

Tree rings tell not only the story of a single tree’s life, but also the great dynamic stories of entire ecosystems and landscapes. This design shouts out respect to our community and how as a part of each other stories, we can't do this alone. Creating a better life for and with each other feels like a good use of our time. 

FREE GIFT for Annual prepaid

The next 15 members who sign up for Annual Prepaid will receive 11 x 14 limited edition, signed tree ring print as our gift thanking you for helping us launch this kick-ass club.

On the annual prepaid membership sign up form make sure to opt in to claim your FREE gift.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Questions? Email us: [email protected]

if you think you signed but have not received a confirmation email from us please call 970 404 1927.


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