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Quarterly Club CSA {community supported art}

Your support allows us to empower young and emerging artists to share their voices through tangible and quality limited edition print goods.

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CSA Wear it. Current Design in celebration of Angus Graham and the scholarship fund at Carbondale Clay Center.

Limited edition went to subscribers first. Extras now available. Don’t miss out on this special edition in honor of such an amazing creative force in our community.

CSA Mail it // Coming soon….

announcing our newest CSA community supported art – a quarterly delivery of MAIL ART with one for you and one to send to a friend. 

Developed in the early 1960’s, Mail Art was an important off-shoot of the Fluxus Movement, noted for experimental syntheses of different artistic media and disciplines. In this vein, artist’s will explore pairing varied disciplines and media, including collage, painting, drawing, written word, photographs, and of course printmaking. 

Interested in early access + more info about this subscription service? Email [email protected]

Art Apprenticeships

Reina Katzenberger signed on as a mentor through the Art Base Claudette Carter mentorship program. Daniel Carreno, Roaring Fork High School senior, has been working with her since January. The exhibition shows his work from this time alongside 3 other mentees and opens April 23 at the Art Base in Basalt. Danny will continue at the shop as an Artist Apprentice and be the next featured artist for our CSA Wear it, and is already working on his shirt design.

Interested? Email Reina to learn more about Apprenticeship and Intern opportunities at the shop.

ways to engage.

We are taking visitors by appointment and working with people remotely to help facilitate their creative expression but the shop is currently closed to the public drop-in traffic. Reach out if you have questions or ideas and Sign up for our newsletter.


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